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What do cats get up to while out and about?

With each feline companion being different to the other with individual preferences in all manner of things from where they’re touched, how their fed and what they fancy playing with. They are quite mysterious beings who live a life of their own, but do you sometimes wonder what they get up to on their adventures outside?

Here are just some things your cat might do while on their nightly wanders.

Exploring their surroundings

From walking on neighbour’s fences, hiding under cars, looking for the best hunting spots and bumping into other cats, your feline friend will be exploring everything there is around them. Some cats might wander further and more often than others, with a few having favourite spots and staying out longer than they should.

It can be quite upsetting if your cat doesn’t show up for their breakfast, so you might want to consider buying a break-away collar with your details on if they don’t already wear one in case they decide to visit someone else’s home. Getting your cat microchipped can also provide some reassurance while they are out and about as if they get lost or stray too far, it can help you be reunited with them.

Scratching at anything wood

You might have noticed your cat scratching at your furniture (especially wooden legs) or constantly using their scratch post and they do this for many reasons. They might be trying to remove the dead outer layer of their nails, marking their territory or to even have a quick stretch.

This means they might take to scratching or stretching against trees, wooden fences or gates just because they can.

Hunting for food

Cats are natural hunters. They usually hunt for birds and small mammals and you might have had a few gifts waiting for you from your feline friend’s nightly hunt. Even if a cat isn’t hungry, they might still catch prey but tend not to kill it or eat it.

Making friends… or not

Cats will meet other cats on their nightly wanders, some they might like while others will not be able to get along. This can be due to territory, an argument over female cats or simply to show the other kitties who’s boss. Cat fights are almost inevitable and can result in injuries and infections so it’s important to check your cat over for any scratches, bites or signs of a fight once they’re back home.

We understand that some cats prefer to stay indoors and might not even venture further than the garden fence, but we hope this helps you imagine what outdoor cats might get up to once they leave the house.

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