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Joii Guest Blog: How to help your dog cope after lockdown

Here at Animal Friends, we want to help our customers and their pets get back to a normal routine, a big change to what we have been used to over the last couple of months. Heather, Joii Pet Care’s behavioural expert, has written a blog for us all about helping ease our pets back into a routine after lockdown.

These 3 tips can help your dog feel happy and relaxed at home so that when you return to work it’s a walk in the park.

Create a safe haven at home

Help your pup feel relaxed and comfortable at home by turning it into their safe haven, create a den and adding all the things that they love.


Plug an Adaptil diffuser in near to their safe haven as it’s clinically proven to keep dogs calm and relaxed.

Make a den

Make sure they have a comfy bed or den that they are happy to relax in or on.

Scatter treats

Use treats to create a positive association with the den or bed area.

Favourite toys

Add your pup’s favourite toys to the room you are leaving them in.

Leave the radio on

Leaving the radio on will help them feel like someone is home with them, classical music is proven to keep dogs calm.

Heated pad

Use a heated pad if they like to be warm and pop it under their bed or blankets.

Keep your pups occupied at home with boredom busters

To help your pup cope at home alone make sure they have some activities and fun to do whilst you are away.

Puzzle games

There are a variety of puzzle games and food dispensing toys on the market that you can leave with your puppy to keep them occupied.

Kongs and stuffable toys

These are great to keep your pooch occupied whilst you go out- they are longer lasting than most interactive toys too.

Homemade toys

You can create your own fun from toilet roll inners, boxes and bottles for your pup at home. Why not stuff treats in cardboard boxes or hide small toilet roll food parcels around for them to find when you are out? Just make sure there are no choking hazards.

Keep your routine

Dogs love routine and sometimes changing their routine can cause an upset for them so try to keep it consistent.

Walking times

If you plan to walk your dog once a day when you return to work make sure to walk them only once a day now so that they are used to this routine and so that they do not expect more when you are unable to do it.

Keep exercise levels to the normal amount

Over exercise may increase their tolerance physically and they may require extra exercise once you have returned to work.

Feeding times

Try to keep their feeding times the same so that there are no big changes when you return to work. You’ll want to consider the time you’ll be waking up or getting home and change their feeding time now if you’re unlikely to be able to keep it up once you’re back at work.


Make sure they are getting enough rest and that their bedtime routine doesn’t change too much.

Play and training times

Keep your play and training times the same as they always were and try not to change the schedule too much.

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