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Autumn brings…

Days at the beach…

…with no restrictions. That’s right, the summer dog ban that might have been in place over the warmer months is now lifted, so dogs can run wild on the sand and pebbles once again. So why not enjoy a walk on the beach? There might be just enough sunshine left to enjoy an ice cream, but it’s cool enough for everyone to enjoy.

Leafy dog walks

It’s that time of year where the leaves are starting to fall, and the floor is covered in a palette of autumnal colours. It’s truly spectacular. Why not head out on a family dog walk and collect some leaves to do some arts and crafts with the kids? Or why not find a Gruffalo Trail and head to the deep dark wood to find the terrible creature?

Fun and games

From playing hide and seek in the forest, to hiding treats on the path while out on your walk, there are plenty of games you could play while out and about with your dog this autumn. This will help keep your dog stimulated, and it can make walks more fun for the two of you.


With the rain becoming more frequent, puddles make an appearance, dried-up rivers start flowing again and ponds and lakes return to their normal size. Why not take your dog out and splash about in the water? Throwing a ball for them to fetch is a sure-fire way to get them excited and involved in the action – just make sure they stay safe and the water is not deep or fast-flowing!


If you have kids and a dog to entertain this autumn, why not head to a pumpkin patch and pick some pumpkins? It can take a long time to find the right pumpkin, though, and you might end up with a wheelbarrow full of them, but it’s a fun day out for everyone involved. And the fun doesn’t stop there, then you need to carve the pumpkins!


As the sun sets sooner, the curtains are closed earlier, you might even find the heating coming on or a fire being lit. Blankets are coming out of hiding and candles are being used again, autumn is a recipe for cosiness.

The last few car boot sales

If you want to make some money right before Christmas, why not look at the local car boot sales and head out on a Sunday morning to flog your unwanted goods. Your dog can keep your company as you use the boot as a chair. Make sure to pack some fresh water for the two of you, as selling is hard work!

Earlier sunsets

Why not head up a hill and enjoy a sunset with your family, canines included. Take a flask filled with a warm drink, and a treat or two for your pooch to enjoy. This is the perfect time to take some golden snaps of everyone, too.

There are plenty of other things that autumn brings and most things can be enjoyed with your dog in tow.

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Hello, lovely readers, I'm Catrin George. I'm a treat dispenser and walk giver to Marvel, the border collie. I'm here to give you the latest updates and low downs on anything and everything pet related, whether they miaow, woof, or neigh. The blogs will be filled with news, reviews, and charity visits with some discounts and giveaways squeezed in-between. So, keep your eyes peeled here!

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