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A dog owner’s Autumn survival guide

If you’re a meteorologist, then autumn has already started, but an astronomer’s autumn has not yet begun. You might be neither and just go by what’s on your calendar or even the colour of the trees… Whatever the case, autumn will be here sooner or later, and we have a few tips and tricks for dog owners who might be preparing themselves for another change of seasons.

Get reflective

This one for you and your dog. Once the clocks go back it’ll get a lot darker a lot earlier so make sure you and your pooch wear reflective gear so you can be safe and seen on your walks.

Stay warm

There’s nothing worse than having to cut a walk short because you forgot your coat or gloves so make sure to prep everything before you head out. Don’t forget your dog’s coat either, if they need one.

Stay dry

While autumn has its dry spells where the leaves crunch and the air is crisp, it will sometimes bring days of rain so you’ll want to check if your raincoat still fits and that there are no holes in your wellies. Otherwise, you’ll be in for a few soggy walks.

Beach time

September often means that the bans that were once in place at beaches are lifted and dogs are allowed back onto the shore. So, why not enjoy some quality time at the beach with the pooch? It’ll make a nice change from those street walks and will be a breath of fresh air, quite literally!

Halloween hazards

A fun night for children and adult alike but can, unfortunately, Halloween can pose problems for pets. If you like to get ahead of the game and find yourself stocking up on Halloween sweets, be careful to keep them out of reach of any nosy dogs, and eager children. The best thing is, if no one else knows about them you can always sneak a sweet or two before it’s trick-or-treating time.

For tips on how to keep your dog safe during the new season why not read our blog on just some of the hazards that come with autumn?

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